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New Investment Opportunity

New investment fund designed to take advantage of 
opportunities in the Polish Market
Limited number of units available for a select group of investors
The fund will be managed by an experienced project team with a proven track record
Our extensive knowledge of the Polish market means you gain access to the best opportunities
Tax efficient exit mechanism
Investment through your pension or directly into the fund
Investment amounts from €25,000New_Investment.html

Welcome to Warsaw Capital. We are a firm specialising in investing in projects in Warsaw, Poland. We offer a broad range of investment projects suitable for pension, company and private investment. Warsaw Capital manages a range of investment projects.

Our firm is based in Ireland and our project team are highly experience in providing investment products and advice to clients who wish to gain access to the lucrative investment opportunities available in the Polish capital city, Warsaw.

Invest in Poland with Warsaw Capital

The Warsaw Syndicate Company Ltd t/a Warsaw Capital, Blackthorn Business Park, Coe’s Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Republic of Ireland.

Directors: K. Dawe, M McDonnell    Company Registration Number: 481412

Tel: +353 42 93 94259    Email: info@warsawcapital.com

Investment Opportunities in Polish Real Estate

Latest CBRE Reportindex_files/EMEA_FPR_POLISH_ACCUMULATOR_JAN_2010_1.pdf
Investor Memorandumindex_files/AW_warsawbrochure_1.pdf
REAS Economic Reportindex_files/REAS%20Jan%202010_1.pdf